Standby Residential Generator

A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home or commercial building and wired directly into the electrical system to provide power to some or all of your home's circuits during a disruption of normal utility power. It's start automatically when the power goes out and it's stop when the power returns. Standby generators are fueled by liquid propane or natural gas.

Your family needs fresh food in the refrigerator, cool air blowing from the A/C, sump pump working or their favorite night light gently glowing during a stormy night. Simply put, they want life to go on without interruption. When the main power is knocked out,  home generators provide automatic emergency backup power to support your electrical needs and keep the power on.

How does it work?

Each home backup power system includes the generator unit, transfer switch and battery charger. The automatic transfer switch is an essential component. Frequently referred to as the “brains” behind the generator, the transfer switch continuously monitors utility power and within seconds of any power outage automatically transfers power from the utility to your generator. The generator alone now supplies your home’s power. When utility power is restored, the transfer switch signals the generator to shut down, returning your home’s power demand to the utility grid. It’s that simple.


How does a home standby system work? Watch here.


- Safer power for sensitive electronics

- Easier service and installation

- Quieter operation

- Faster response

- Superior warranty   

- More powerful performance

- Digital voltage Regulator

- Remote Monitoring

The right solutions in the right sizes.

The number of circuits to which a standby generator can provide power and the number of appliances you can run on those circuits is determined by the power capacity of the generator.

The standby residential generator's range in power from 8.5 to 22 kW. The correct generator for you depends on your heating and cooling systems, electronics and appliances … and the size of those appliances. A household with basic electronic needs (refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, furnace, lighting, television, garage door opener, computer) requires less backup power than one with additional needs: a sump pump, electric range, security system, large wine cellar, electric dryer, and multiple air conditioners.


8.5 Kw 29 A
12 Kw 43 A
18 Kw 70


8 Kw 29 A
10 Kw 37.5 A
17 Kw 66.6
20 Kw 79 A
22 Kw 92 A

For help in selecting the right power system for you, the next handy tool is easy to use and beneficial when choosing which  generator is best for your home.

Why should I buy an automatic standby generator instead of a portable generator?
During a utility power outage, an automatic standby generator provides numerous advantages over a portable generator:

  • The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed standby generators as a safer way to provide backup power to a home than a portable generator.

  • With an automatic standby generator properly installed outside, your home is protected from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that is a much greater risk with portable generators.

  • Running on the home’s natural gas or LP fuel supply, it is less expensive to run than gasoline and does not need to be refilled.

  • They start automatically within seconds of a power outage, and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside or run extension cords throughout your home.

  • They provide protection 24/7, whether you're home or away, and they turn themselves off when utility power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.

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