RadioRA 2 Home Light Control Systems

A RadioRA Home Dimming System gives you convenient, one-touch control of all your home lighting. With RadioRA, lights can be turned on and off from anywhere, including your car! Touch the Car Visor Control's "Home" button as you're approaching your house to turn on interior and exterior lights, safely lighting a path into and through your home.

How does it work?

RadioRA, the world's first radio frequency lighting control system, uses innovative communication technology and built-in safeguards to ensure reliable wireless communication between all system components. RadioRA can be installed in any home - including existing homes, late-stage construction, and new homes - without rewiring.

Can RadioRA be installed in my existing home?

Yes, RadioRA is designed to retrofit into any existing home. RadioRA uses radio signals, so that no extra wires are needed for the system to work. RadioRA dimmers and switches are direct replacements for your existing switches and dimmers. You can even control your lamps on the system.

Control from inside or outside your home with your Smartphone or Tablet 

Control your Radio Ra 2, HomeWorks, or QS system from inside or outside your home! IPad, iPhone, IPod touch, Android ! Using Lutron Mobile Control Apps, conveniently control and monitor your home’s lights, shades, and temperature as you approach your home, from anywhere inside your home, or even while away. The system’s two-way communication lets you know if lights are left on, shades are open, or what the temperature is even when you can’t see the areas being controlled.

RadioRA Lighting Control Systems offer:

* Easy installation
* Retrofit rewiring or inconvenience
* Energy savings and extended bulb life
* Scalable and expandable solutions:
   - start with an introductory system
   - expand with changing needs and lifestyle
   - design a whole-home system
* Increased resale value of your home

RadioRA systems can be easily expanded anytime in the future. Whether you have additional lights you want to control, new Master Control locations, or changes due to renovation or remodeling, RadioRA can grow to fit your needs.

Control Packages :

RadioRA Application Packages provide you with convenient, turnkey solutions for all of your lighting control needs.


Basic Lighting Control Package

Millennium Lighting Control Package

Car Visor Control Package

Landscape Lighting Control Package

Home Theater Lighting Control

Security Lighting Control Package

Vacation Control Package

Condo Lighting Control Package

Luxury Condo Lighting Control Package

3500 Square-Foot Home Lighting Control Package

4000 Square-Foot Home Lighting Control Package

5000-Square Foot Home Lighting Control Package

Package Colors:

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